Welcome to the adventures of a sex worker.

Welcome to the personal diary and blog of a full service sex worker. Here you can read and learn from the experiences that I go through in this industry.

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I am one of the extremely lucky girls who didn’t have any bad clients during this time. All the men that I saw privately were real gentlemen. They all respected my boundaries and if I wasn’t comfortable or said no to something they would understand and listen to me. I know a few girls who…

First Day

Let’s just start with the elephant in the room… Getting into sex work is quite different than going for a typical job interview. You don’t sit down and have an interview or hand somebody your resume and hope they get back to you. For me I was lucky enough to have a friend in the…


Now this is normally where people would talk a little bit about themselves and their interests and give some personal history. I won’t be doing that. I would prefer to keep some level of anonymity to this new venture of mine. I will however say welcome. Welcome to what I like to think of as…

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