In terms of client’s I was quite surprised that thdy weren’t creepy old men who just wanted some young tight things. I have seen men of all age ranges, from their 20’s all the way up to their 70’s. To my surprise they didn’t all want explicitly sex. Sex was more of an added bonus to them.

I mean sure, I’ve had clients that don’t want to talk they just want to fuck and get it over with as fast as possible and that is sort of expected. Whereas other clients want to be held and cuddled and to have someone give them the intimacy both physically and emotionally that in reality is a basic part of our human nature. We as a species need affection to be able to function on some basic level.

The first thing Perri does when she enters the room is try and figure out what the client wants as fast as possible and the challenge increases if the client won’t tell you. I can typically tell more or less what a client wants by their reaction to me entering the room after they have had their shower and they come and join me on the bed. That reaction to a simple gesture of joining me on the bed dictates the type of Perri they will receive. Perri is a chameleon and has the ability to morph into the personality, or fantasy that the client desires once I have figured out what that is.

Most of the time men are looking for one of two things. Either they are wanting The Girlfriend Experience (GFE), which is where I play the role of the ‘ideal’ girlfriend. I give them the attention and affection that you get in a proper relationship without all the messy things that come along with an actual relationship (PMS, jealousy, insecurity). This fantasy we fuck and talk and for a moment they get to pretend that they aren’t alone and that we are in our own little world and we get to be blissfully unaware until the dreaded knock that snaps us back to reality. The client gets to be cuddled and talked to and they get to enjoy my company for as long as they have payed for. I like to make sure that no matter what fantasy or personality that I am playing, I try and stay as true to myself as I can, without giving away too many personal details. I can’t sit here and lie to you and say their hasn’t been clients I have wanted to reveal my identity to. There have been clients that are repeat customers and they come and see me again and again. But I realize that as soon as they leave the house that fantasy disappears. I do true and make sure that when my clients are leaving that they feel special and that I have treated them as if they are the only person in the world. I do this so that when they leave my company they can look back when times get shitty to something that was fun and memorable in a good way and they can smile about.


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Adventures and inner monologue of a sex worker

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