Alter-ego or Superhero?

I know the title of this post seems a little redundant and self serving but it does make sense if you read on.

Now as you know my ‘name’ is Perri. How I came up with that name is irrelevant to the story. But I will say that since joining this industry I now realize that Perri is something else.

Perri is a strong and confident woman, she is self-assured and sexual. She is dominant and sensual. She loves to listen and comfort but if her boundaries are pushed she isn’t afraid to bite back (literally and metaphorically). Perri to me is what Superman is to Clark Kent (see the title is starting to make more sense now). It sounds funny but when I am at work I feel like the most authentic version of myself even though I am being someone else. I am Perri.

When I am at work I assume the identity of Perri. This usually means I have a ritual of sorts to get myself into the mind set. It’s funny to me how things as simple as the makeup and clothes you wear can change your entire identity and how you feel about yourself. When at work or getting ready for work I have a routine that I like to go through to become Perri. It starts in the shower. I have to shave my legs, pits and crack. I have to wash my face and exfoliate my body and wash my hair. After my shower I will moisturise my entire body and face. Once I am slippery from all the creams and lotions I have applied to the various areas I will then move on to makeup. For Perri I prefer to keep the skin and lips to a more your face but better look and the eyes I will play up the colour by using lots of deep bronze tones and browns. The slightly overlines and pouty lips are always a must. I know from various clients telling me that my lips and eyes are some of my best features so I try and enhance them for the effect and drama. Honestly it works.

While I am doing the makeup you can tell the moment Perri has come to the party. By the time that the uniform (lingerie) is on, Perri is in full effect. It’s funny to say all of this because Perri and I are in reality the same person, it’s just the clothes and makeup that are different. When I am at work as Perri I am in charge and I know how to play up my best features and distract from my not-so-great personality traits.

In reality you aren’t going to want to fuck someone who reminds you of reality with the flaws that make us human. I enjoy being able to sell someone the fantasy and illusion that their time with me makes the rest of the world disappear. I get to give you all the best bits of a realtionship, minus the emotional investment and pms of an actual girlfriend. I am the dream partner because I won’t harass you 500 times a day or get paranoid if you look at another girl wrong. Its a win win because you get to have fun and I get the money…

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Adventures and inner monologue of a sex worker

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