Now this is normally where people would talk a little bit about themselves and their interests and give some personal history. I won’t be doing that. I would prefer to keep some level of anonymity to this new venture of mine. I will however say welcome. Welcome to what I like to think of as a public diary of my thoughts and the adventures I will go on and have embarked on. I am a full service sex worker. Now you can call me every name under the sun, at the end of the day it all means the same thing just said differently. I want to clarify that I am not some broken woman seeking empty validation with random men. Nor am I a drug addict of any sort trying to get enough money to score my next hit. I am just a woman who wants to be able to support my family in these ever so difficult times.

I think at this point it seems almost cliche for a sex worker to publish their life and stories on the internet and honestly I might agree with you. But I also just don’t care. I can’t promise this will be regularly updated or that the content that you will receive will be ground breaking or earth shattering. I am just a simple girl on her computer wanting to possible enlighten those who may have a misunderstanding of this industry or simply want to live vicariously through me. Either way I am not the type of person to judge you unless you give me a damn good reason to. I hope that by reading this you can either laugh at my stupidity or learn from my mistakes.

So sit back and enjoy the shit show that is my life.

Perri xx

Published by Perri Darling

Adventures and inner monologue of a sex worker

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