First Day

Let’s just start with the elephant in the room… Getting into sex work is quite different than going for a typical job interview. You don’t sit down and have an interview or hand somebody your resume and hope they get back to you.

For me I was lucky enough to have a friend in the industry who was able to give me some advice on where to work in the area and any places to avoid. She had also spoken to the receptionist and owner about me applying and was very complimentary about me and vouched for me (which I will always be grateful for). I remember how daunting it was sending the receptionist that first text message asking for a job and if there was any information she needed for my application. At this point was still thinking of this application process as I would any regular job. I ended up getting the job (obviously). Some photos of mine were sent through and were going to be published on the website for potential clients to be able to browse through (my face blurred, for obvious reasons).

I can still remember walking into the house on my first day and being so incredibly nervous and excited because I had no idea what to expect. Was everyone going to be nice or was this a competitive industry. I met M and instantly was greeted with warmth and was very welcoming. Right away I was told I had my first booking. It was with a client that was a regular at this parlour and loved seeing all the new girls and that he shouldn’t give me any trouble. I was shown to the breakroom, where all the girls were able to relax and eat or get dressed. I had no idea what I was doing or how I should act as I didn’t want to do do anything wrong. I put on my lingerie and let Perri come to life. The booking went well and I had no problem with the client, thankfully.

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Adventures and inner monologue of a sex worker

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