I am one of the extremely lucky girls who didn’t have any bad clients during this time. All the men that I saw privately were real gentlemen. They all respected my boundaries and if I wasn’t comfortable or said no to something they would understand and listen to me. I know a few girls who weren’t as lucky. 

There was this one particular client that I saw when I was working privately. He was the sweetest gentleman I could ever have hoped for. His name was M. M was a middle aged islander man that was physically attractive even though he was bald. Imagine Dwayne Johnson but with less muscles. I met this man on a website, like all my other private clients at the time.

He was kind and caring and never cared if I was bare faced or done up like a Kardashian. He enjoyed my company and my mind, the sex was just a fun bonus. The first time we met face to face after talking for a while on this website was at his home. We organized that I would spend the night with him. We agreed that $500 cash in hand for the night was a reasonable price (at the time I had no idea what to charge people, lol). We spent a while chatting and sipping on wine. We eventually moved to the bedroom and although he dominated me and was in control I never once felt unsafe or intimidated. Now he was a lot larger than me in both height and muscle mass but even with all of that he gave off a very gentle and welcoming energy that made me enjoy the time that I spent with him. He would always be so respectful, the connection that I had with him was unlike anything I had experienced. Even when he was in control and dominating me I always felt safe and I loved it.

There was one night when he decided to use a butt plug on me (this wasn’t my first time doing butt stuff with him so he knew what he was doing). He did all the things that are necessary to play with a butt, lube and patience being the two main and very important factors. For whatever reason he did something, maybe he moved too fast. Whatever it was it hurt and as a result I screamed out in pain. He instantly knew that playtime was over. He took the toy and walked into the bathroom which was just across the hall from his bedroom. He washed the toy down and wiped himself down, he returned to the bedroom and wiped me down and wrapped me in a blanket. He tucked me into bed and gave me a glass of water. He then sat with me for however long it took for me to calm down and remember that I was in a safe environment. He didn’t once try and convince me that I had overreacted or try and push something sexual onto me. He didn’t try anything sexual on me until he knew I was in a sound frame of mind to consent to anything. To this day I still hold major respect for him and that situation. My time with M was wonderful and a lovely escape from reality. We ended up having to part ways because this had gone from a business/work relationship to both of us wanting something more and that was something that at the time I couldn’t give him. I never did see him again after our last goodbye and a part of me will always wonder what happened to him and how his life is now after all this time. I truly hope he found someone and is happy. 

M if you ever read this by chance I hope you know that our time together truly was wonderful and I enjoyed every moment. I will cherish them forever.

Lots of love

P xx

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Adventures and inner monologue of a sex worker

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