“Call a jack a jack. Call a spade a spade. But always call a whore a lady.” – Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind


I am one of the extremely lucky girls who didn’t have any bad clients during this time. All the men that I saw privately were real gentlemen. They all respected my boundaries and if I wasn’t comfortable or said no to something they would understand and listen to me. I know a few girls whoContinue reading “Entanglement”

First Day

Let’s just start with the elephant in the room… Getting into sex work is quite different than going for a typical job interview. You don’t sit down and have an interview or hand somebody your resume and hope they get back to you. For me I was lucky enough to have a friend in theContinue reading “First Day”


Now this is normally where people would talk a little bit about themselves and their interests and give some personal history. I won’t be doing that. I would prefer to keep some level of anonymity to this new venture of mine. I will however say welcome. Welcome to what I like to think of asContinue reading “Introduction?”


In terms of client’s I was quite surprised that thdy weren’t creepy old men who just wanted some young tight things. I have seen men of all age ranges, from their 20’s all the way up to their 70’s. To my surprise they didn’t all want explicitly sex. Sex was more of an added bonusContinue reading “Chameleon?”

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